Accept Bitcoin at Your Website

Despite the obvious benefits of Bitcoin such as speed, anonymity, cheap transaction cost, many merchants are skeptical and avoid accepting Bitcoin at their business because of technological issues (the integration of Bitcoin client itself takes time) and financial risk as Bitcoin price is volatile.

Merchants can accept Bitcoin at their website

To promote Bitcoin adoption, we have developed a merchant API to integrate Bitcoin in any online project. Firstly, you have to go to merchant section of SpectroCoin by clicking on “Merchant projects” under the account section:

Click on merchant projects in the top menu

You will be forwarded to “Edit project” form. There fill in the required information:

Edit merchant project and submit it

Cryptocurrency is the currency you would like to accept your payments in. We have an option to choose between bitcoin and DASH.

Project name is a name of your project. It can be a brand name, website address or anything else.

Description is a short description about your merchant.

Receive currency is the currency in which you want to receive payment. If you choose “Receive bitcoin” all payments will be settled in bitcoin (i.e. if somebody pays you 1 bitcoin, your account will be credited with 1 bitcoin).

If you choose “Receive fiat” all payments will be settled in your preferred fiat currency like Euros, Dollars and other currencies supported by SpectroCoin wallet (i.e. if you select Euro as your preferred currency and someone pays you 1 bitcoin at the time when  bitcoin price is 200 Euros, your account will be credited with 200 Euros). Therefore, you will not be affected by bitcoin price risk.

Public key is 2048-bit RSA public key (PEM format) which is used to sign all API requests.

Check “Test” while testing your merchant integration so you will get instant callbacks with status Test.

Check “Enabled” if you want merchant integration to be live.

After clicking “Submit” you merchant project will be created and project details will be shown. Click “Create Payment” to create payment manually:

You will be forwarded to “Create order” window. Only “Receive Amount” field is mandatory. Type amount in Euros, which you want to receive. Check “Create payment link” if you want to give a link to the payment URL to your client. After filling in the information press “Submit”:

Submit the order creation form

If you leave “Create payment link” unchecked you will be forwarded to payment windows after clicking “Submit”:


If you check “Create payment link”:

Mark the 'create payment link' box

You will be given payment link in a new window:

Merchant pre-order details

After clicking on the “View” button  payer will be able to initiate an order:

Open order

After clicking on “Open order” you will be able to see payment window:

Pay for order window

In the project description window you can also find “Public Order Create URL” section, which will lead you to a page that allows creating order via form. It can be used at Point of Sale or if buyer wants to manualy type amount he is willing to pay:

Insert the order payment details

In “Order list” you can see all orders for this project with their statuses:

Merchant order list

If you have any questions regarding our merchant solution, please contact us via [email protected].

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