Use SpectroCoin debit card to withdraw Bitcoin has released debit card, which can be funded with Bitcoin from SpectroCoin account and used to withdraw cash at any ATM or make an online or POS payment where debit cards are accepted. To order a debit card firstly log-in to your SpectroCoin and click on the link to order a card:

link 1 - Copy

After clicking on the link you will see the “Debit card order form”:

link naujas

Please fill the form and click “Order” on the right side and the card will be ordered.

You will receive your card within 4-7 business days and will be able to use it. Hence, you will be able to fund your card through SpectrCoin wallet. To deposit funds to your card, please click “Load card” on the left menu:

Link 3

Hence, you will see “Debit card load form”:

link 4

Now you have to type the amount you want to load to the card and click load on the right side.

Your card now will be funded and you will be able to withdraw cash at ATMs and pay online and at physical points of sale.

Card fees can be seen here:

link 5

If you have any questions regarding our top-up solution, please contact us via