Spend Bitcoin Everywhere with the Virtual Debit Card

You can spend Bitcoin everywhere with SpectroCoin virtual debit card

SpectroCoin.com has released a virtual debit card, which can be funded with bitcoin from SpectroCoin account and used to pay online everywhere where debit cards are accepted. To order a virtual debit card firstly log-in to your SpectroCoin account and click on “Cards” in the top menu:

Account menu

Next, choose card type as virtual and fill your details:

Virtual card form window

Afterwards click “Order”. The cost per card is 0.50 EUR it will be deducted from your SpectroCoin wallet:

Information required to order your virtual card
Hence confirm order details by clicking “Confirm”:

Review all the card order information

You will be forwarded to the card information page. Please click “Credentials” to see your card’s information:

Credentials are available at the debit cards summary

In “Debit card credentials” page press “Get credentials”:

Get your credentials

Now you will see your card’s details. Please write them down:

Window with your debit card credentials

To fund your card, you should click on “Cards” once again in the top menu:

Cards section showing the credentials

You will be forwarded to “Debit card summary” page. There select “Load”:

Click load in the Debit cards summary

In “Debit card load form” input how much money you want to load your card with and press “Load”:

Fill the information on the debit card load form

Then you will be asked to input a second-factor authentication code. Your authentication code will be sent to your selected authentication option – your email address, SMS or Google authenticator app. Please look the code up and copy and paste it into the “Key” section of the page. Once you have done that please press “Submit”:

Submit your second factor authentication

After that please review your card load information and press “Confirm”:

Review the load information and confirm it

Congratulations, your card has been loaded!

Card load completed

If you have any questions regarding our top-up solution, please contact us via [email protected].