How to Unload Bitcoin Debit Card?

We are proud to announce that from now you can unload funds from SpectroCoin Bitcoin debit card back to your Bitcoin wallet.

Learn how to unload your SpectroCoin card

Unload fee: 0.5% + 0.1 USD/EUR/GBP

Minimum unload: 2 USD/EUR/GBP

Maximum unload: 2250 USD/EUR/GBP

Maximum number of unloads per day: 2

To buy bitcoins with SpectroCoin debit card, you, first of all, have to select “Cards” option on the top menu:

Cards on wallets section

Hence, select card from which you want to buy bitcoins, and press “Unload”:

Unload your debit card

After that input the amount you want to unload from your card and click “Unload” once again:

Fill the form to unload your card

You will be forwarded to “Review card unload”. Please check your card unload details and press “Confirm”:

Confirm the card unload

Congratulations, your card is unloaded:

Card unload successful

You can find your bitcoins in the “Account section” of SpectroCoin page:

Wallet balances

If you have further questions regarding SpectroCoin debit card unload, contact us at [email protected]