How to Unload Bitcoin Debit Card?

We are proud to announce that from now you can unload funds from SpectroCoin Bitcoin debit card back to your Bitcoin wallet.

bitcoin debit card

Unload fee: 0.5% + 0.1 USD/EUR/GBP

Minimum unload: 2 USD/EUR/GBP

Maximum unload: 2250 USD/EUR/GBP

Maximum number of unloads per day: 2

To buy bitcoins with SpectroCoin debit card, you have to select “Unload card” option on the left-hand side menu:


Hence, select card from which you want to buy bitcoins, enter the amountĀ for which you want to receive bitcoins and click “Unload”.


Then, confirm your order:


Verify your order with additional 2FA confirmation:


Finally, your card is unloaded and you can find your bitcoins in your wallet:


If you have further questions regarding SpectroCoin debit card unload, contact us at