How to Deposit Altcoins at

SpectroCoin, the Bitcoin exchange, wallet and merchant service provider, has introduced an option to deposit Altcoins to SpectroCoin account. This means that users are now able to load Altcoins to SpectroCoin wallet, Bitcoin debit card, use Altcoins to top-up mobile phones, buy gift vouchers or withdraw them with a number of withdrawal options offered by SpectroCoin.

Altcoins, or in other words, alternative cryptocurrencies, are substitutes for Bitcoins, which provide digital currency users with different functions and features. Currently, over 40 of the following types of Altcoins are supported by SpectroCoin:

Augur Screenshot_2 Monero monero
Bitcoin Bitcoin Namecoin 6RcUbfRI
BitCrystals Bitcrystals Novacoin novacoin
BlackCoin BlackCoin NuBits Nubits
BitShares Screenshot_3 Nxt NXT-logo-250
Clams clam-coin PotCoin potcoin
Counterparty Counterparty Peercoin Peercoin
DASH DASH Reddcoin Reddcoin
DigiByte Digibyte Ripple Ripple
DigixDAO DigixDao ShadowCash shadowcash
Dogecoin Dogecoin Siacoin Siacoin
Emercoin Emercoin Storjcoin X storjcoinx
Ether Ether SingularDTV singulardtv
Ether Classic Ether Classic StartCoin starcoin
Factoids Factoids Steem steem
LBRY Credits LBRY Credits Tether tether
Lisk Lisk VeriCoin vericoin
Litecoin Litecoin Vertcoin vertcoin
MaidSafe Maidsafe Voxels Voxels
Mastercoin Mastercoin Zcash zcash
Monacoin Monacoin

If you want to load SpectroCoin wallet with Altcoins, you have to first login into your SpectroCoin account. After logging in select “Deposit” option:

You will be forwarded to a window with all possible SpectroCoin deposit options. Please select “Deposit other cryptocurrency”:

Hence, you will see “Cryptocurrency deposit” window. There, in the first field, please select the type of Altcoin you want to deposit. In the second field, select the currency you want to receive your deposit in.  Finally, in the third field, input the address of your Altcoin wallet. Once you fill in all the required fields press “Deposit”:

From there on you will be forwarded to a “Crypto deposit summary” window. There you can see the deposit address and payment ID which you have to enter into your Altcoin wallet in order to deposit Altcoins to SpectroCoin.

Optionally you can deposit your preferred Altcoins by scanning QR code with a corresponding cryptocurrency app. Once you scan the code you will be forwarded to the window with your Altcoin wallet address:


Please follow the instructions of the app and you will be able to deposit Altcoins to SpectroCoin wallet:


All your deposited Altcoins will be transferred to SpectroCoin account in your preferred cryptocurrency – DASH or Bitcoin.

If you have any questions regarding our Altcoin deposit solution, please contact us via [email protected]

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