How to Sell Bitcoins for Skrill?

SpectroCoin, all in one solution for Bitcoin, has recognized that many of its users are looking for a fast and easy way to deposit money for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency purchases and therefore has decided to add Skrill to its wide selection of over 20 different payment options. SpectroCoin also offers a possibility to sell bitcoin for Skrill, thus it is important for us to show you how you can withdraw bitcoins back to Skrill account.

SpectroCoin now offers the possibility to sell bitcoin for Skrill

To do so, first of all, you have to log in to your SpectroCoin account. Once you have done that, you need to exchange bitcoins to your preferred currency: EUR or USD. To exchange currency press on “Exchange” button in the top menu:

Wallets menu

In “Currency exchange” window fill in all the required fields. In the “Pay currency” field select bitcoins option, then input the amount of bitcoins you want to sell, and finally, in the “Receive currency” field select EUR or USD currencies. When you finish inputting all the data press “Exchange”:

Insert the currency and amount to exchange

You will be forwarded to “Currency exchange” window. Please check your transaction details and press “Confirm”:

Confirm the bitcoin to euro exchange

Once your currency exchange is completed, press on “Withdraw” button in the top menu:

Exchange bitcoins to euro completed

There, in “Withdraw options” window select “Withdraw to Skrill”:

Withdraw options including Skrill

You will be forwarded to a “Withdraw wallet to Skrill” window. There in the “Withdraw account” field select the wallet which you want to withdraw money from, then in the “Withdraw amount” field select the sum of money you want to withdraw. Minimum amount allowed to withdraw to Skrill is 3 euros, while maximum amount is 5000 euros.

In the “Receive amount” field you will see the sum of money that you will receive in your Skrill account after the transfer is complete. Finally, in the “Skrill account email” field input your Skrill email, then press “Submit”:

Insert the information to withdraw to Skrill

You will be asked to input second-factor authentication key. Your authentication code will be sent to your selected authentication option – your email address, SMS or Google authenticator app.

Please look the code up and copy paste it into the “Key” section of the page. Once you have done that please press “Submit”:

2 fa code to withdraw for Skrill

After you have completed all the steps, your withdraw request will be submitted. You can see your withdraw summary in “Skrill withdraw request” window:

Review withdraw for Skrill

The payment information will also appear in your Skrill account. Withdrawals reach Skrill instantly:

Skrill account window

For a video explanation, please check our video:

If you have any further questions regarding selling Bitcoin for Skrill, contact our support at [email protected]