Introducing Crypto Loans at SpectroCoin

Today, we are thrilled to announce that SpectroCoin now offers crypto-backed lending services. As we continue to expand on products and services aimed at the crypto community, we are excited to be taking over the Bankera Loans project and fitting it into the SpectroCoin family. Starting now, SpectroCoin clients can leverage their cryptocurrency, without having to sell it, in return for a loan. To help you get acquainted with Crypto Loans, we have prepared a thorough rundown of what cryptocurrency lending is and how our lending solution works.

SpectroCoin crypto loans is a product that allows pledging Bitcoin and Ether as collateral to get financing.

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Introducing New SpectroCoin Design

We are proud to announce that SpectroCoin redesign has finally been completed. Our team has been gradually rolling out our fresh look since last year when we launched the VISA debit card as well as an improved mobile app. Now, we have released the refurbished SpectroCoin website along with new products.

SpectroCoin Has a New Look

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How to Verify Your Account on SpectroCoin

Until recently, SpectroCoin users could enjoy a variety of our services without having to go through a KYC verification procedure. However, as a company, we operate under the EU AML regime and applicable local laws. With the 5th Anti-Money-Laundering Directive being transposed into countries’ laws effectively from January 10, 2020 (further referred to as AML5 regulations), all SpectroCoin users will be required to verify their accounts. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide you with our services.

We are well aware that a profile verification procedure can be a time-consuming endeavor; however, with a comprehensive overview of the entire process, and an in-depth guide – you will have a fully verified SpectroCoin account in no time at all.

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SpectroCoin Will Support the Forthcoming Istanbul ETH Hardfork

There is no doubt that Ethereum changed the crypto game for good by introducing a decentralized blockchain-based platform, essentially providing the conceptual blueprint for the next generation of blockchain.

And while Ethereum enjoys being the dominant platform for decentralized applications, as well as the second cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, the community behind the project continues to innovate. The day is here for yet another network-wide update; Istanbul hard fork is under way, and we are here to walk you through all that is about to happen.

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