How Can Businesses Fight Cybercrime

At SpectroCoin, we see security as one of the main parts that constitute our business. From our daily routines to the relationship with our customers, we are constantly working to improve our methods and make our ecosystem even safer. For this reason, we started a series of blog posts to raise awareness and share with you part of what we have learned so far in terms of cybersecurity.

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SpectroCoin is Bringing a Stablecoin to the Platform

SpectroCoin is always on the lookout for new coins with great potential to excel in the market. After analysing trending topics in the crypto-communities and market cap rankings, we noticed a large influx of stablecoins users, which influenced the decision of adding a new currency to our system. In mid-February, 2019, tether coin (USDT) will be introduced into SpectroCoin’s platform. We believe that by adding USDT we will diversify our crypto portfolio and bring another practical payment option to our customers.

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How to Make International Wire Transfers at SpectroCoin?

SpectroCoin has as one of its goals the development of financial services by creating a payment network accessible to people from all around the world. Recently, the international bank wire – an addition to deposit and withdrawal options for transferring funds outside and inside the European Union – has been added to our platform. To make the international wire transfer process clearer for you, we have prepared a blog post explaining step-by-step how to use it to make a deposit or withdrawal.

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SpectroCoin Development Update: January ’19

Since the last Development update, our IT team has rolled up their sleeves and spent some time perfecting functionalities all across SpectroCoin platform. A lot of small and big changes have happened – from security improvements in the back-end to adding some nice-to-have features to guarantee a user-friendly experience while using our services.

In this development update: happy news to our customers from the Netherlands and security improvements!

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