Now and Then #2: Ethereum

The release of Bitcoin drew tremendous attention to blockchain technology from developers around the world. One of them was Vitalik Buterin – a developer from Canada who was 19-year-old at the time – proposed a novel platform for online transactions in 2013.

While funding was needed to make the idea a reality, it took two more years to gather enough support from contributors and launch the project. Ethereum proposed new blockchain capabilities that led to it becoming the second most recognized cryptocurrency in the world. 

In this SpectroCoin blog post, we will shortly overview the evolution of Ethereum from its early days and present what this cryptocurrency is all about today. 

Ethereum has been evolving since 2014

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Now and Then #1: Bitcoin

Back in January 2009, a mysterious person or a group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto created a technology that laid the foundation for the revolution of finance. As described in the white paper, the digital currency – Bitcoin – aimed for lower transaction fees and complete independence from governments. 

Over the years, both the creator and the technology itself raised a lot of discussions. The decentralized nature and innovative system went through various stages and gained increasing popularity around the globe. 

In today’s SpectroCoin blog post, we will give a brief overview of how Bitcoin has evolved throughout its existence and discuss how this cryptocurrency looks like today.

Bitcoin has evolved significantly since 2009

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Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Halving 2020

Bitcoin halving, one of the biggest events in the crypto-world, is estimated to take place on May 11th, 2020. It is a rare occurrence, which happens every four years and has the potential to have a lasting effect on the entire crypto community. But what is Bitcoin halving? How does it work? How will it affect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? In today’s blog post, we are excited to share some thoughts and clarify any confusion surrounding this event.

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SpectroCoin is Bringing a Stablecoin to the Platform

SpectroCoin is always on the lookout for new coins with great potential to excel in the market. After analysing trending topics in the crypto-communities and market cap rankings, we noticed a large influx of stablecoins users, which influenced the decision of adding a new currency to our system. In mid-February, 2019, tether coin (USDT) will be introduced into SpectroCoin’s platform. We believe that by adding USDT we will diversify our crypto portfolio and bring another practical payment option to our customers.

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