How Can Businesses Fight Cybercrime

At SpectroCoin, we see security as one of the main parts that constitute our business. From our daily routines to the relationship with our customers, we are constantly working to improve our methods and make our ecosystem even safer. For this reason, we started a series of blog posts to raise awareness and share with you part of what we have learned so far in terms of cybersecurity.

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Cashing Out on the Crypto Rush

Different sources suggest that about €8 million are lost every day due to scams in the crypto environment and the numbers continue to grow. A lot of victims who were targeted by cryptocurrency scams are thought to lack experience or judgment in the field. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies have been in the market for almost 10 years, the question “is bitcoin a scam?” still lingers on some minds. The easiest explanation for this is that individuals fear what they do not understand: the exponential growth of the blockchain technology, of the variety of new coins in the market, of products to invest in or cryptocurrency-based projects to be a part of. This becomes the perfect fuel for most of the scams and malpractices in the financial field.

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Fraud Awareness Initiative

November 11-17 has been officially declared International Fraud Awareness Week 2018, a global joint effort made by business and governmental institutions to minimize the impact of fraud by educating and providing anti-fraud material to different communities. SpectroCoin has teamed up with more than 400 organisations and is taking part in the ACFE anti-fraud campaign.

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