SpectroCoin Fraud Awareness initiative

Fraud Awareness Initiative

November 11-17 has been officially declared International Fraud Awareness Week 2018, a global joint effort made by business and governmental institutions to minimize the impact of fraud by educating and providing anti-fraud material to different communities. SpectroCoin has teamed up with more than 400 organisations and is taking part in the ACFE anti-fraud campaign.

SpectroCoin has joined the initiative and it has also decided to extend it beyond a one-week period by releasing the “Cyber Security Tuesday” blog post series. You will be able to read about common fraud and scam activities, get tips on how to avoid and report them, and much more!

The motto of the #fraudweek: "Fraudsters are smart, we need to be smarter".

We believe that understanding possible threats and making small improvements in your daily routine could help you limit your exposure to fraud. At SpectroCoin, we have constant discussions about cases of identity theft and financial fraud, and what measures could prevent these acts. Some of these situations have already been addressed in our “Protect yourself from scams” blog post, so now we invite you to continue this discussion next Tuesday!