How to Buy Bitcoin With International Bank Wire?

Recently, we have been actively expanding our payment options list by introducing a full scope of bank transfers, such as local transfers in the United Kingdom and SEPA Instant payments. While these methods served European countries, we aimed to cover the rest of the world by offering International bank wire transfers. 

Today, we are excited to share that this option is already live at SpectroCoin. Read on to know more about international transfers and learn how to buy Bitcoin with this method. 

In this blog post, we explain how to buy Bitcoin with International bank wire option.

What international bank transfers are offered at SpectroCoin? 

Currently, EUR and GBP international bank transfers are available at SpectroCoin with the help of SWIFT and CHAPS. SWIFT is a network used by banks worldwide to quickly, accurately, and securely send financial information, such as money transfer instructions. SWIFT includes more than 200 countries and territories, totalling more than 11,000 institutions around the globe.

Meanwhile, the CHAPS payments are done in GBP. CHAPS contains various international and custody banks, and for many financial institutions it is accessible through correspondent banks.

While international transfers unlock the possibility to make bank wires outside Europe, there are still some country restrictions applied by both networks. You can find more information on these limitations on our FAQ page

How to buy Bitcoin with International Bank Wire at SpectroCoin?

Step 1. Verify your account. To buy Bitcoin with the International bank wire method, you need to have a verified SpectroCoin account. Detailed instructions on the account verification process are available in our blog post

Step 2. Click on International bank wire on the deposit section. Go to the “Deposit” section of your account and choose “Bank” on the left-hand view of your screen. Then, press on the “International bank wire” option.

First, choose the International bank wire option in the deposit section of your SpectroCoin account.

Step 3. Insert deposit details. Choose the currency you would like to receive, insert the amount, and press “Next”.

Choose the currency and amount to continue with your International bank wire deposit.

Step 4. Complete the deposit. You will be given the bank account details that have to be used to make a deposit from your personal bank account. Please note: third party payments are not allowed unless you have claimed a dedicated IBAN account that can be used for SEPA transfers in your name.

Use the given details to make an International wire deposit from your bank account.

Step 5. Buy Bitcoin. Once the funds are in your wallet, enter the “Exchange” section of your account. Choose the amount of EUR or GBP that you would like to sell for BTC. Finally, check our final suggested price and click on the “Exchange” button.

To buy Bitcoin, insert the amount of EUR or GBP that you would like to sell for BTC and press "Exchange".

Congratulations, you have successfully purchased Bitcoin with the International bank wire option! 

You can also watch the video tutorial on how to buy Bitcoin with International bank wire on our YouTube channel. 

If you have any more questions regarding International bank wire transfers at SpectroCoin, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support through the LiveChat bubble available on our website or drop an email at [email protected]