Development Update

SpectroCoin Development Update: December ‘18

SpectroCoin focuses on the constant development of its platform so that users can enjoy an even more convenient interface and services. For that reason, we decided to spread the word and inform our clients about the changes that have been done or that are yet to come to the platform. To turn this idea into reality, starting today, we will share SpectroCoin development updates with you.

How will it work?

We carefully plan and run numerous tests before implementing any updates. Therefore, we will announce our development as soon as the modifications are settled. The updates may include a user interface, products, services, and other platform functionalities, which we will inform you about in this and upcoming posts.

What is new for December?

In recent months, SpectroCoin users have noticed several changes in the platform. We have renewed the Deposit page, updated the Fees and Limits section and brought back international bank transfers. Each of them is listed below with a detailed description.

Deposit flow

We have changed the interface of the deposit section by transforming it into a list of SpectroCoin supported wallets. To ensure smooth navigation, the page has been divided into two sections – Cryptocurrency wallets and Fiat currency wallets:

The Deposit section of SpectroCoin website

It now provides quick access to making deposits, as it reduces the steps needed to enable payment methods, e.g., linked cards: you may fill the linking form straight from the deposit page instead of going to your account settings, choosing linked cards and only then filling the form.

This update helps you to swiftly find the right deposit option – select a currency and all payment methods will be displayed in one place:

The Deposit options available for BTC at SpectroCoin

The main deposit page was also updated with the inclusion of the view history button. It facilitates the search for payments, as it separates the records of deposits from withdrawals.

You can still find the history button in each of your wallets, just like before. The new button can be found on the top-right corner, as shown below:

Deposit section, highlighting the "View History" button

Please note that account verification is required for operations with fiat currencies. If you haven’t verified your account yet and feel uncertain about how to do that, check our blog post for more detailed information.

Fees and limits

We have customized the Fees and Limits page to make it load more promptly and, therefore, instant to use. From now on, users can readily navigate through the list of countries in order to find all information about the limits and fees applied to their country. This update enables users to quickly search for relevant information, instead of having to sort out through a list of multiple methods.

Fees and limits page in SpectroCoin website

Once a country is selected, you will be redirected to a page showing two sections – Deposit Fees and Limits and Withdrawal Fees and Limits:

Fees and limits for deposits and withdrawals at SpectroCoin
Click on either to find information regarding providers, available currencies, fees, and limitations:

Fees and limits section in SpectroCoin website
International Wire Transfer

Deposits and withdrawals through international transfers are again available at SpectroCoin. This service works for banks outside and inside the European Union, which enables non-EU citizens to make money transfers from and to their bank accounts. For more detailed information on which countries support this deposit and withdrawal method, check the list of Supported Countries.

At the moment, SpectroCoin facilitates only EUR transactions via international wire; however, clients may use their bank services for currency exchange. Please have in mind that your bank may apply additional exchange fees not visible at the SpectroCoin website. While filling in the deposit or withdrawal form, please make sure to fill out all the mandatory fields, which are marked with an asterisk.

SpectroCoin development shall facilitate the adoption of the platform and make it even more user-friendly. To keep our users aware of all changes, we will announce the updates in a new series of blog posts.

Let us know how we can improve

To maintain service quality, SpectroCoin modernizes its user interface to try to eliminate any possible errors. We do, however, encourage our clients to notify us about difficulties experienced while using our service and we also offer a Bug Bounty for eligible bugs reported.

Follow our next blog posts and be the first to know all the newest SpectroCoin developments!

Should you have any questions regarding the implementations done, contact us via the LiveChat available on SpectroCoin website or email us at [email protected].