SpectroCoin development updates for January 2019.

SpectroCoin Development Update: January ’19

Since the last Development update, our IT team has rolled up their sleeves and spent some time perfecting functionalities all across SpectroCoin platform. A lot of small and big changes have happened – from security improvements in the back-end to adding some nice-to-have features to guarantee a user-friendly experience while using our services.

In this development update: happy news to our customers from the Netherlands and security improvements!

Wij spreken Nederlands!

It is a widespread opinion that English is the dominant language of business but, at SpectroCoin, we believe that the company must overcome language barriers and present products to customers in their native tongue. Offering a language alternative allows the customers to feel more secure and confident since they understand what they are using and know how to interact with the website.

Better Communication

For some of you, ‘Wij spreken Nederlands!’ might sound like jibber-jabber but for the Dutch, it should be music to their ears. SpectroCoin wants to give its clients the option to switch its site to a language that is comfortable for everybody to read.

Besides the Lithuanian, Russian, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese languages, SpectroCoin is happy to announce that the Dutch language has been introduced to our users and is now accessible at our website.

We see the addition of the Dutch language at SpectroCoin as a step in the right direction, as our customer base in the Netherlands has been growing rapidly. A wide range of local services provided by the SNS Bank, RaboBank, ING, iDeal, and BanContact to name a few, were already available at SpectroCoin.

In case you are from the Netherlands, be sure to check the full range of services available in the Netherlands at SpectroCoin supported countries list.

Businesses have to think about their customer diversity in order to grow

SpectroCoin was initially launched with a few languages. Over time, as our services expanded, we wanted to make our website accessible to all our client base, so we continue to move actively towards a multilingual platform – we hope to have over 20 languages available in the long run.

A little peek into the future – the Italian language is coming soon to SpectroCoin!

Our goal – an error-free platform

SpectroCoin’s IT and Quality Assurance teams have been busy with improving our platforms security cycle. We believe that a strong security posture plays a crucial role in such a complex financial landscape. This includes multiple security layers: operational and storage services, hosting, data encryption, user accounts, authentications processes.

Quote: Our ambition is to have a top-notch security architecture at all times.

We run post-implementation reviews, evaluate risks and take reduction measures in order to prevent evolving threats in the system.

Internal security audits are mandatory steps, but we believe that audits conducted by third parties or the so-called white hat hackers are a “healthy” way to have our security double-checked. As an ongoing measure, SpectroCoin is running a Bug Bounty program that encourages ethical-hackers to test our security model and claim rewards for the vulnerabilities discovered on the platform.

If you want to go broad and deep into the hunt for security issues, submit your bug reports to [email protected]. We will not give you shiny medals or put your name on the Wall of Fame, but we can promise really nice rewards for each eligible bug reported!