SpectroCoin Exchange: New Platform for Crypto Trading

Our team is very excited to announce that the variety of SpectroCoin services has been expanded yet again! From now on, our customers will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on our new peer-to-peer trading platform, SpectroCoin Exchange, designed to provide a more customized trading experience.

SpectroCoin has launched a new peer-to-peer trading platform – SpectroCoin Exchange.

Final step in the rebranding process

Earlier this year, we decided to restructure our ecosystem and move all crypto services under one brand – SpectroCoin. Crypto-backed loans solution Bankera Loans was rebranded to SpectroCoin Loans in October, while today we have completed the restructuring process by launching a crypto trading platform SpectroCoin Exchange (before – Bankera Exchange).

With the addition of these solutions, SpectroCoin can now be regarded as a complete system of blockchain-related services online, including wallet, buy&sell, peer-to-peer trading, card, loans, and payment processing solutions. The platform also offers virtual IBAN accounts as a bridge between fiat and crypto payment worlds.

New trading opportunities

On SpectroCoin Exchange, you can buy and sell every cryptocurrency and token available at SpectroCoin, including Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Litecoin, and a handful of stablecoins. However, the new platform adds a layer of customization to your trading operations. 

SpectroCoin Exchange supports a limit order feature that allows buying or selling crypto at any price. Such orders are added to the order book and filled once the market reaches the desired price.

In addition to that, the trading platform also employs charting tools and trading API. Charting tools are a great help in analyzing market trends and price behaviour, while trading API can be used for programming trading bots.

Attractive trading fee schedule

At SpectroCoin Exchange, we offer one of the most competitive fee schedules in the cryptocurrency market. In this way, our team hopes to incentivize active trading and market-making among SpectroCoin users.

There are no market maker fees at all – thus, if you place a limit order that is not filled immediately, there will not be any fees associated with the trade. Even better, we will also pay a 0.05% rebate – 0.05% of your trade value – back to you. Market takers are subject to standard fees, equal to 0.1%.

To incentivize trading of Banker (BNK) tokens, pairs that contain this token are also free of charge. So, if you would like to trade BTC to ETH, it is more beneficial to exchange BTC to BNK and then BNK to ETH, as in this way you would evade the trading fees.

How to access SpectroCoin Exchange?

If you want to start using SpectroCoin Exchange services, the platform is available here. Current SpectroCoin users can use the same login credentials to access both SpectroCoin and SpectroCoin Exchange.

If you have an existing Bankera Exchange account, we highly recommend moving your crypto holdings to SpectroCoin or SpectroCoin Exchange. For your convenience, withdrawals to these platforms are instant.