SpectroCoin to Support Dash Cryptocurrency

SpectroCoin is proud to announce that by the mid-August SpectroCoin will fully support Dash cryptocurrency. That means that we will offer Dash wallet, Dash exchange, Dash debit card and Dash to fiat payment gateway for merchants.

SpectroCoin to support Dash cryptocurrency.

From the first day, SpectroCoin has had the vision to be a service provider for a spectrum of alternative cryptocurrencies used for payments. For first three years, we have focused on the development of our product around Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency used for payments.

Now we are starting to add support for additional digital currencies, and the Dash is the first one to get onboard. The Dash was chosen to be the first, because we consider it to be one of the top cryptocurrencies by usage for actual payments, because of active Dash community and technological implementations such as InstantX for nearly real-time transactions confirmation.

Talking about each feature we are going to implement:

Dash wallet means that SpectroCoin clients will be able to receive, spend and store Dash in the same way as they can use Bitcoin wallet. Also, we will be running our MasterNodes to offer Proof-of-service consensus for Dash network, and we will be sharing the reward from this service with clients storing Dash at SpectroCoin blockchain wallet.

Dash exchange will allow our clients to buy and sell Dash with credit or debit card, bank transfer, cash and other options.

Dash card will allow spending Dash anywhere where VISA or MasterCard is accepted. The card will offer clients a possibility to choose between prepaid cards when the client has to exchange Dash to dollars, euros or pounds before using a card and debit card when Dash from client’s Dash wallet linked to a debit card would be used to complete a payment in the real time.

For Dash enthusiasts willing to use our cards, we recommend ordering debit cards even before Dash integration is live as Dash will work with current cards, so users will be able to spend their holdings from the first day of Dash integration.

Dash merchant solution will allow shops to accept Dash and settle transactions in fiat currencies (including euros, dollars, pounds and much more) through our merchant API as well as shopping cart plugins in the same way they accept Bitcoin payments now.