SpectroCoin’s Year in Review: What Was 2020 Like?

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, pushing us to change our day-to-day life and adapt to the world’s current situation. Of course, this included changing our spending habits and moving our finances online even more. 

At SpectroCoin, we have always stressed the importance of innovation and flexibility in our business, so we have constantly been developing our features to provide an even better user experience and functionality to our customers. In this blog post, we summarize the improvements we presented in 2020. 

SpectroCoin takes a look at the latest improvements of 2020 and the plans for upcoming year.

SpectroCoin redesign

Earlier this year, we introduced a fresh new look of the SpectroCoin website. In addition to a new brand book and cosmetic improvements, the redesign gave us the flexibility to add new products and served as a basis for moving all crypto-related services under the SpectroCoin brand.

You can read more about the redesign improvements in our earlier blog post.

SpectroCoin Loans

Along with the new design, we expanded SpectroCoin services by offering a crypto lending solution. This gave our users the option to put their cryptocurrencies as collateral and take out a loan in a preferred fiat or cryptocurrency. 

Crypto-backed loans provide our customers with an alternative to selling their holdings and missing out on the benefits that an increasing price can bring. 

Dedicated IBAN launch

Further, we launched the IBAN service, allowing our users to send and receive payments in their name from and to their SpectroCoin wallet. With this solution, customers can now receive salaries, withdrawals from other exchange platforms, or transfers from family and friends directly to their SpectroCoin account.

The full benefits of a dedicated IBAN account at SpectroCoin are presented in our blog post about personal IBAN service launch.

SpectroCoin Exchange

Finally, we have recently announced the launch of SpectroCoin Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange. The new product offers an opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the most competitive fees in the cryptocurrency market. 

Launching the peer-to-peer exchange was the final step in the SpectroCoin rebranding process. We have finished the year by completing our goal – a system of all blockchain-related services under one brand. 

What to expect next year?

Although 2020 has provided several new features to SpectroCoin, we are not planning to slow down in the upcoming year. Our team is already working on further improvements for the platform.

First of all, we are aiming to optimize the customer verification (KYC) process at SpectroCoin. Next year, we will introduce a tiered verification system to allow our new clients quicker access to SpectroCoin services.

What is more, we are working on expanding the selection of cryptocurrencies available at SpectroCoin products. On the fiat side, in 2021, we are planning to offer new international payment options and SEPA Instant transfers for our IBAN users.

SpectroCoin Exchange users can expect fiat trading pairs in the nearest future. On top of that, we are also developing margin trading and stop-order features for traders.

Last but not least, we will introduce crypto deposits and staking products for SpectroCoin users, as well as launch our own stablecoin.