SpectroCoin – A Global Blockchain Wallet

SpectroCoin has been offering a global blockchain wallet for buying, selling, sending, receiving, and storing cryptocurrencies for over 5 years. As a growing number of people worldwide are recognizing the benefits of cryptocurrencies, our community is expanding as well. Over 840,000 customers have signed up to use our service since we are constantly working on making cryptocurrencies easy to use for anyone, regardless of technical knowledge or local financial infrastructure. Thus, currently, we support over 240 countries and territories worldwide in 10 different languages, with more to come.

SpectroCoin- a global blockchain wallet

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8 Advantages of the SpectroCoin Bitcoin Debit Card

SpectroCoin debit cards work just like any other debit card, but instead of being connected to your bank account, it is linked to your SpectroCoin Bitcoin wallet making it easy to spend your bitcoins wherever you go. You may ask; “What makes the SpectroCoin debit card better than other Bitcoin debit cards?“ Here are 8 reasons:

Find out some advantages of the Bitcoin debit card

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