SpectroCoin’s Year in Review

Expansion of Offerings in 2021!

Don’t you feel like 2021 has just flown by in the blink of an eye? We sure do! However, we managed to finish, continue and start all kinds of new projects at SpectroCoin. In SpectroCoin’s Year in Review: Expansion of offerings in 2021, we want to reflect on our proudest moments from the past year and ambitious plans for the upcoming one!

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Margin Calls and LTV

At SpectroCoin, you can use your cryptocurrency holdings as collateral to back a crypto loan. We tailor to the needs of each client. Get a crypto credit as low as 25 EUR or as high as 1 million EUR with competitive loan rates. Another benefit of crypto-backed loans at SpectroCoin is that we offer a very high loan-to-value (LTV). But what even is an LTV and what to do when it is too high? Find the answers in this SpectroCoin blog.

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Introducing New SpectroCoin Design

We are proud to announce that SpectroCoin redesign has finally been completed. Our team has been gradually rolling out our fresh look since last year when we launched the VISA debit card as well as an improved mobile app. Now, we have released the refurbished SpectroCoin website along with new products.

SpectroCoin Has a New Look

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