Try Peer-to-Peer Trading at SpectroCoin Exchange

The recently launched SpectroCoin Exchange platform offers SpectroCoin users a new way of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Rather than using the simple Buy&Sell feature at SpectroCoin, our clients can move their holdings to the new platform for more customized trading experience. This blog post will provide a guide for trading at SpectroCoin Exchange and examine its features.

This blog post covers the process of opening an account and trading at SpectroCoin Exchange.

How to sign up and start trading?

In most crypto exchanges, the first steps usually include the signup process. However, SpectroCoin comprises the full ecosystem of crypto-related services, so you won’t need to create any additional profile for SpectroCoin Exchange.

To access Exchange services, find and press “Exchange” in your SpectroCoin account’s header menu. Alternatively, the platform is available here – use your SpectroCoin login credentials to log in.

Once on the platform, you should deposit some crypto assets for trading. Go to “Wallets”, choose the preferred cryptocurrency and press “Deposit”. The deposit address will be displayed on the page. You can deposit your assets from SpectroCoin or any other cryptocurrency wallet globally.

Unique trading experience

At SpectroCoin Exchange, you can trade crypto at any desired price. To start buying or selling crypto, go to “Trading” and select a trading pair in the top left-hand corner of your screen. Keep in mind that trading with BNK pairs is fee-free.

Two order types are supported at SpectroCoin Exchange. The market order is similar to the Buy&Sell feature at SpectroCoin – such orders are executed at the market price and usually filled instantly.

On the other hand, Limit order allows our users to offer their desired price for the assets. Limit orders are not executed instantly – they add to the order book and wait until the market equilibrium reaches their price. 

The traders that place Limit orders – market makers – are subject to 0% fees and 0.05% rebates on most trading pairs. For more information, check the full SpectroCoin Exchange trading fee schedule.

If you have any questions about trading on SpectroCoin Exchange, let us know! Our support team is available 24/7 via LiveChat and at [email protected].