Upgraded SpectroCoin app for iOS:download on the App Store

Cryptocurrency Wallet App for iOS Upgraded

We are happy to announce that an updated version of SpectroCoin’s cryptocurrency wallet app for iOS is now available in the Apple app store. Besides bug fixes, the new 1.7.1 app version offers enhanced security and user experience, a wider selection of cryptocurrencies, more deposit options, exciting new features and support for iPhone X, to make it even easier to manage your finances anywhere and at any time.

What is new on the SpectroCoin crypto payment app for iOS?

Wider support of cryptocurrencies

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC) support, the upgraded SpectroCoin cryptocurrency payment app now offers the possibility of sending and receiving Ethereum (ETH), Banker (BNK), Tether (USDT), NEM (XEM) and Dash (DASH) cryptocurrencies. Now you can use cryptos to pay for goods and services or send them to your friends with just a few taps straight from your SpectroCoin app.

If you want to send any of the cryptocurrencies to another SpectroCoin user, take advantage of our off-chain transaction capability. Simply use the other user’s SpectroCoin email address and the transaction will be sent instantly and completely for free.ALL

Enhanced security

Before, to protect your iOS device, you could choose to add a passcode in addition to your SpectroCoin login details, such as email and unique password. This ensured that if you left the app inactive for a few minutes it would ask you for a four-digit passcode when you tried accessing it again.

After the latest SpectroCoin iOS app update passcode feature is no longer just optional, but mandatory. Moreover, you have limited attempts to input the correct passcode to prove you are really the owner of the account.

This way, if someone were to gain unauthorized access to your device, even if you forgot to log out, they would have to know the additional passcode to enter your SpectroCoin account via the app.

Deposit options

Now you can buy bitcoin and other digital assets from nearly anywhere in the world by linking your credit or debit card to your bitcoin wallet app. Deposits via debit and credit cards are instantaneous, thus, you can purchase over 20 types of other crypto and fiat currencies within seconds, straight from your mobile app.

Additionally, users can load their SpectroCoin blockchain wallet in a secure and reliable way by transferring money via SEPA bank transfers. SEPA transfers are supported among member states of the European Union (or Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein) and typically take between 1 and 3  days.

Better user experience

We are passionate about making our app user-friendly. Thus, we have added a new feature that helps you refresh your balance page with a single pull.

Simply pull your finger down across the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and you will be able to check your latest SpectroCoin blockchain wallet balance. But that is just one of the many new features of the latest SpectroCoin iOS app.

New features

  • We have also added new features for easier user registration and login. While before new users could only register to SpectroCoin using the web version of the page, now new users can simply sign up at SpectroCoin via the app.
  • The latest SpectroCoin iOS app supports login via 1Password and LastPass. Thus, if you own any of these password managers, you can log in to the SpectroCoin bitcoin payment app by tapping on the “Lock” icon on the login screen and imputing the “Master password” of the password manager app. Once you do it, you will be logged in to your SpectroCoin account as well.

You do not have to remember your unique SpectroCoin account password anymore but you can still keep your account secure.

  • In addition to all the new features, you can still make use of the app older functionalities, such as checking balances of your SpectroCoin blockchain wallets, exchanging between different currencies, editing your profile information, checking out SpectroCoin news feed, frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and more.

How to get the latest version of the cryptocurrency wallet app for iOS?

You need to follow a few easy steps to get the SpectroCoin app for iOS.

Step 1 – Make sure that you own an Apple device – iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, that is running iOS 10.0 or later.

Step 2 If your device fits the requirements, you can get the mobile app completely for free from the Apple app store. Simply tap “Get” and wait till the app downloads.

Step 3 – If you already have an account at SpectroCoin, fill in your SpectroCoin login details, such as email address and password, or via Facebook and your Google account. If you are new to SpectroCoin, you can simply tap “Register” and sign up for our service. That is it!

So what are you waiting for, download the latest version of SpectroCoin’s cryptocurrency wallet app for iOS now!

If you have further questions regarding our crypto payment app for iOS, please contact our 24/7 support via the “Live Chat” option at SpectroCoin.