Who are the Link Marines?

Chainlink is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the current crypto landscape. The project built to provide high-quality data for smart contracts has gained quite a big fanbase over the year. Backers of the LINK token call themselves The Link Marines. These crypto soldiers are active on social media to defend and promote their beloved cryptocurrency. Read the full blog to learn more about the Link Marines.

The Link Marines Explained

Link Marines

It’s unknown where the name of Link Marines came from, but it’s not the first instance of a cryptocurrency fanbase. Another example of a devoted crypto community being the XRP Army. Some speculate that a big part of the recent success for Chainlink has been its followers who promote their beloved token and defend it from criticism. The Chainlink community goes as far as having a member who identifies as “Chainlink God”.

One more interesting fact about the Link Marines is that they have “ranks” based on the number of LINK tokens that they hold. The highest rank, sometimes referred to as “General of Chainlink” or “Five-Star General”, belongs to the creator of Chainlink – Sergey Nazarov. Other positions range anywhere from Privates with 1-500 LINK all the way up to Generals with over half a million LINK tokens.


Experts often observe that traders do not necessarily tend to hold cryptocurrencies for an extended period. Usually, investors hunt for a quick profit and move on to the next crypto. However, this is where the Link Marines differ from most traders. The Marines are proud to say they HOLD the LINK token, which is a term used when referring to long term investment. Some data shows that since mid-2019, the number of LINK tokens on exchange has decreased. In the meantime, more and more LINK is being held in users wallets or used for smart contracts.

The War

The Link Marines, along with the Chainlink God, have already won a few “wars”. Most notable of which was the war against an investment bank claiming that Chainlink is a scam. The company released a 60-page report which led to mistrust in the crypto community on behalf of Chainlink. However, the Marines defended their crypto and manipulated the pricing of LINK to fend the opposing company off.

While scrolling through crypto social media, it would be hard not to notice these Chainlink defenders fighting for their cryptocurrency. Currently, the LINK token is one of the most popular tokens along with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium.

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