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Fiat Trading Pairs Available at SpectroCoin Pro

March 25, 2021

Our trading platform SpectroCoin Exchange has recently been renamed to SpectroCoin Pro. For some time now, users have been intensely waiting for the introduction of new features. Thus, along with the name change, we finally have good news for our community.

Trade fiat pairs at SpectroCoin Pro

Today, we are excited to announce that fiat pairs are already available on SpectroCoin Pro. Now, you can benefit from one of the lowest taker fees of 0.1%, 0.05% market maker rebate when trading crypto pairs, and even 0.1% rebate when trading fiat to crypto. 

How to start trading crypto against fiat currencies at SpectroCoin Pro?

Previously only offering cryptocurrency trading possibilities for its users, we sought to expand the options for users even further. Thus, we introduced fiat trading pairs with EUR, GBP, and USD. 

#1 Sign up. If you don’t have an existing SpectroCoin account yet, you can create one here. Note that you are able to access all SpectroCoin services, including crypto-backed loans and the trading platform, with a single account. 

#2 Enter the trading platform. To access Exchange services, find and press “Exchange” in your SpectroCoin account header menu. Alternatively, the platform is available here – use your SpectroCoin login credentials to sign in.

#3 Make a deposit. Once on the platform, deposit some fiat assets for trading. Go to “Wallets”, select your preferred currency and press “Deposit”. Note that you can only deposit fiat assets from your SpectroCoin wallet. Insert the amount of EUR, USD, or GBP that you wish to receive and press “Deposit”. 

SpectroCoin provides a wide range of deposit options, including free instant bank deposits from European banks that support SEPA Instant payments, top-ups with Visa and MasterCard, payments from e-wallets like Skrill and Payeer, international bank deposits in EUR and GBP via the SWIFT network, local deposits in the United Kingdom via Faster Payments, and many other methods. 

What are the benefits of trading at SpectroCoin Pro?

SpectroCoin Pro stands out from the market by offering up to 0.1% rebates for market makers. So, you can actually earn up to 0.1% of your trading volume by placing orders on SpectroCoin Pro. For more information about market maker rebates, see our blog post

In addition to the market maker rebates, takers can enjoy one of the lowest fees in the market of only 0.1% without the need to contribute to trading volume. 

What is more, transfers between SpectroCoin and SpectroCoin Pro wallets are free and instant. Hence, with just a single SpectroCoin account, users can benefit from a unique trading experience, transfer their holdings between wallets in seconds, and choose from a number of traditional and crypto payment options.

Banker (BNK) token holders can take extra advantage of the SpectroCoin Pro platform – all trading pairs with BNK tokens are fee-free. Thus, if users want to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Euro (EUR), the best way to do it would be to buy BNK with EUR, and then exchange it for BTC. 

Have any questions about trading on SpectroCoin Pro? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support via the LiveChat bubble available on our website or drop an email at [email protected]

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