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How to buy Bitcoin with a market order at SpectroCoin Pro?

April 22, 2021

Aiming to meet the needs of the whole crypto community, SpectroCoin offers two types of crypto buying options – clients can either buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the crypto brokerage or enjoy customized trading options at SpectroCoin Pro.

At SpectroCoin Pro, you can buy Bitcoin with a market order.

Trading at SpectroCoin Pro is based on a peer-to-peer network, allowing users to decide on the cryptocurrency prices and trade without intermediaries. Clients can choose limit orders that often require more time for their execution or place market orders, known as an instant way to buy crypto at the current market price. 

In today’s blog post, we will provide a quick guide on how to buy Bitcoin with a market order at SpectroCoin Pro.

What is a market order?

A market order is the quickest and most straightforward way to buy cryptocurrency on a trading platform. It is the type of order that is executed instantly at the current market price – traders only have to choose what amount of digital currency they want to buy or sell. 

It is common to think that market orders are carried out at the last traded price. However, it works differently – market orders are executed at the best available price in the order book constituted from limit orders.

How to buy Bitcoin with a market order at SpectroCoin Pro?

Step 1. Log in to your account. At SpectroCoin, you can use a single account to access all services, including crypto-backed loans and trading platform. You can access SpectroCoin Pro through the menu section at SpectroCoin, or log in to the website directly. 

Step 2. Deposit assets. Enter the “Wallets” section in the left side view of your account. Press “Deposit” next to the currency that you would like to sell. 

To buy Bitcoin at SpectroCoin Pro, deposit assets to your account.

Then, copy the deposit address and use it to withdraw assets from an external wallet to SpectroCoin Pro. If you wish to transfer assets from your SpectroCoin wallet, press “My SpectroCoin wallet”, insert the amount that you would like to receive, and click “Deposit”. Internal transfers are instant.

To make a deposit, copy your deposit address or make an internal transfer from your SpectroCoin wallet.

Step 3. Place a market order. Once your deposit is made, enter the “Trading” section in the left side view of your account. Choose the market in which you want to trade your assets. For instance, if you wish to buy Bitcoin with Ethereum, press on “BTC” and select the “ETH/BTC” pair. 

To buy Bitcoin, open the trading section of the platform.

Finally, scroll down to find the order section. Press “Market order” and insert the amount that you would like to sell for Bitcoin. Click “Sell ETH” to place the order. The market order will be executed immediately.

To buy Bitcoin, insert the amount of ETH you want to sell.

That’s it! You have successfully purchased Bitcoin with a market order. 

You can also watch the video tutorial on how to buy Bitcoin with a market order on our YouTube channel. 

If you have any more questions regarding market orders at SpectroCoin Pro, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support through the LiveChat bubble available on our website or drop an email at [email protected]

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