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Complete Guide on How to Spend Crypto

October 12, 2023

Cryptocurrency adoption is increasing, and more opportunities to spend in real life are emerging. Microsoft, Apple, AirBaltic, Twitch and many other companies accept cryptocurrencies directly. Aside from purchasing goods and services from these companies, cryptocurrency owners have alternative ways to spend their digital assets. In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to spend crypto with SpectroCoin.

Complete Guide on How to Spend Crypto

How Can I Buy with Crypto

The first step is creating a crypto wallet and acquiring cryptocurrencies.

To create the wallet, you need to sign up using your email address or Facebook, Google or Apple accounts and pass the verification.

Once your account is verified, you can receive or buy cryptocurrencies. Check the complete guide on how to receive cryptocurrencies into the SpetroCoin crypto wallet from other crypto users.

To purchase cryptocurrencies, you must first deposit funds into your wallet using one of multiple payment methods, including Skrill, Neteller, SEPA, Faster Payments, Advcash, Payeer or Perfect Money. Afterwards, go to the "Exchange" page, select the cryptocurrency and specify the amount. The asset will appear in your wallet within seconds to minutes, depending on network congestion beyond SpectroCoin's control.

You are now equipped to spend crypto.

How to Spend Crypto

Convert Cryptocurrencies into Cash

The simplest way to spend cryptocurrencies is by converting digital assets into fiat money.

First, you need to exchange your crypto assets into fiat currencies on the "Exchange" page.

Then go to "Withdraw" and select one of the desired payment methods:

  • Skrill: withdrawals in EUR, USD and GBP, 4% withdrawal fee, €3 minimum withdrawal amount, €3,000 maximum withdrawal amount.
  • Payeer: withdrawals in EUR and USD, 2% withdrawal fee, €5 minimum withdrawal amount, €2,000 maximum withdrawal amount.
  • Perfect Money: withdrawals in EUR and USD, 2% withdrawal fee, €6 minimum withdrawal amount, €1,500 maximum withdrawal amount.
  • Advcash: withdrawals in EUR, USD and GBP, 0.5% withdrawal fee, €1 minimum withdrawal amount, €2,000 maximum withdrawal amount.
  • SEPA: withdrawals in EUR, free of charge, €5 minimum withdrawal amount, €500,000 maximum withdrawal amount.
  • Bankera: withdrawals in EUR, USD, PLN, CHF, SEK, GBP, AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, NOK, free of charge, €5 minimum withdrawal amount, €500,000 maximum withdrawal amount.
  • Bank transfer: withdrawals in USD, 15% withdrawal fee, €50 minimum withdrawal amount, €100,000 maximum withdrawal amount.

Once you have funds in your bank or other account, you can spend them on your needs.

Pay with Crypto Card

At SpectroCoin, you can order a high-balance crypto debit card. The card is connected to your SpectroCoin crypto wallet. It works like any bank card, except for supporting top cryptocurrencies.

You can pay with the card in physical shops and online stores, buy subscriptions for your favourite streaming platforms and pay your bills.

To use the card, you need to load it with EUR by converting a cryptocurrency into EUR and loading it from your Euro wallet.

Also, you can request a dedicated IBAN account that will allow you to transfer funds to bank accounts directly.

Point-of-sale transactions in the European Economic Area (EEA) are free for EUR and have a 0.5% fee for other currencies. A fee of 1% is applied to all international transactions.

Buy in Online and Brick-and-Mortar Stores

As we mentioned before, numerous international and local companies accept crypto payments directly.

Usually, to pay for your goods and services in a brick-and-mortar store, you need to scan a QR code with your mobile and confirm the transaction in the crypto app.

For online purchases, you need to confirm transactions in your account.

Buy an Amazon Gift Card

At SpectroCoin, you can purchase Amazon Gift Cards with cryptocurrencies. The card allows you to buy goods on the Amazon platform. The card amount depends only on how much you are willing to spend and is not limited. Since the Amazon platform has several localizations, make sure you have purchased the correct card. You can use the card only on its native platform. We offer Amazon Gift Card SP, Amazon Gift Card IT, Amazon Gift Card DE, Amazon Gift Card FR, and Amazon Gift Card UK.

How to buy Amazon Gift Card:

  1. Login to your SpectroCoin account.
  2. Go to "Withdraw" and select "Gift Cards".
  3. Choose the card localization.
  4. Select a cryptocurrency and specify the amount for purchase.
  5. Submit the transaction.
  6. In the Gift Card History, you will see the purchased card and its code. During the payment process on Amazon, enter the code to apply it.

Buy Voucher

SpectroCoin Voucher is one of the options to send funds to other SpectroCoin users as a gift. The purchasing process is similar to buying Amazon Gift Cards. You can get a voucher for cryptocurrencies at the amount you choose. After completing the transaction, you will have a voucher code in your voucher history. You need to share the code with your recipient. Then, the recipient should go to the "Deposit" page, select "Voucher", and enter the code. Once it is complete, the recipient will receive the exact amount of cryptocurrency in their SpectroCoin account.

Top up Mobile

In the SpectroCoin account, you can also top up your or any person's mobile:

  1. Go to 'Withdraw' and select "Mobile top-ups".
  2. Select the country of the mobile provider.
  3. Choose the mobile provider.
  4. Paste the number, select the withdrawal wallet and specify the amount.
  5. Submit.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount; the maximum amount is €500 with a 2% withdrawal fee.

Withdraw Cash in ATMs

You can withdraw money in usual fiat ATMs or Bitcoin ATMs.

To withdraw in the usual ATM, you need to use your SpectroCoin crypto card. The card is supported by VISA and can be seamlessly used worldwide. You need to load your card with EUR by exchanging cryptocurrencies into EUR. Then, you can withdraw money from an ATM in a local fiat currency.

The ATM fees depend on the localization and currency. Within EEA, the withdrawals in EUR are charged with €1 fee and in other currencies, the fee is 1%. A fee of 2% is charged on international withdrawals.

Bitcoin ATMs only require a crypto wallet and app, no card is needed. In the ATM, you need to select the cryptocurrency you want to spend. It will be exchanged for local fiat currency. The ATM will generate a QR code. Scan it, confirm the transaction and receive fiat money.

Donate Crypto

You can support charity organizations, politicians or your favourite content creators, including streamers, podcasters, artists, musicians, YouTubers, videogame producers and others, by donating cryptocurrencies. You can choose the donation amount, but currency options are limited to the recipient's offerings.

Get Help

If you need any help with SpectroCoin options for spending cryptocurrencies or need more details on its work, don't hesitate to reach our friendly and 24/7 available customer support via LiveChat on the website or at [email protected]

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