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Upgrade Your Investment Strategy with Recurring Orders

October 24, 2023

We are happy to announce crypto recurring orders available for SpectroCoin users! In the article, you will find out the advantages of recurring buys for crypto investors and how to set up recurring orders in a SpectroCoin account.

Upgrade Crypto Investment Strategy with Recurring Orders

What Is Crypto Recurring Order

A recurring order is a feature that allows one to automatically purchase cryptocurrencies on a schedule on a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily basis. You only need to set up the order once. Then, crypto assets of your choice will be automatically purchased upon selected amounts and time frames.

Crypto recurring buy refers to the Dollar-Cost Averaging strategy, suggesting buying and selling a fixed amount of cryptocurrency at regular intervals. Such a strategy helps to reduce the price volatility impact, avoid emotional decisions, enter and exit positions at the average price and bear fewer losses.

To improve your cryptocurrency investing strategy, it's recommended that you split your funds into equal portions of $10, $50, $100, or other amounts and make regular purchases of crypto assets. Instead of investing $1000 in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency all at once, consider purchasing crypto assets daily, weekly, or based on other conditions. This approach can help you mitigate risks and potentially maximize returns over time.

Why to Use Recurring Orders

Recurring orders have several advantages for crypto investors.

Hands-Free Convenience

A cryptocurrency recurring order feature is a time-saving tool. By setting up your order just once, you can enjoy a hands-free approach to investing, sparing yourself from the regular hassle of placing manual orders.

Dollar-Cost Averaging Strategy

With recurring orders, you can easily follow the dollar-cost averaging strategy. It enables you to spread your investment over time, reducing the impact of market volatility and allowing you to buy at different price points, ultimately leading to a more balanced investment portfolio.

Flexible Customization

The flexibility inherent in recurring orders is a standout feature. You can tailor the frequency and the amount of your recurring buys to match your financial goals and risk tolerance, offering you complete control over your investment strategy.

Stablecoin Preservation

Another remarkable benefit is the ability to preserve your investment value in stablecoins. During turbulent market conditions, purchasing stablecoins is made easy with recurring orders, offering a safe haven for your assets. This option provides an additional layer of security for your cryptocurrency investments, helping you navigate market uncertainties with greater ease.

How to Set up Recurring Orders at SpectroCoin

The recurring orders set-up is simple and quick; follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your SpectroCoin account.
  2. Go to "Exchange" and select "Recurring order".
  3. Select the withdrawal currency and specify an amount per order. You can also pick a 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% distribution of your funds, so you don't need to calculate the withdrawal amount.
  4. Choose the currency you would like to purchase. The amount will be calculated automatically.
  5. Select conditions for the purchasing schedule. It can be on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
  6. Set up a time frame by selecting the beginning and ending days. Suppose you choose weekly or bi-weekly exchanges and set up the beginning on, for example, Thursday. In that case, cryptocurrencies will be automatically purchased on Thursdays till the scheduled end.

Please note: If the withdrawal wallet has insufficient balance, the system will place the order on hold and make three automatic retry attempts according to the preselected conditions. In your account, you can view active and paused orders.

Get Help

If you need any help with SpectroCoin recurring orders feature or need more details on its work, don't hesitate to reach our friendly and 24/7 available customer support via LiveChat on the website or at [email protected]

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