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Contribute to SpectroCoin security and get a reward

October 22, 2018

SpectroCoin is more than happy to witness the rising number of customers who trust our platform. In exchange, we continue working to provide our users with the highest security performance. We believe that the basis of every great business is the collaboration between the company and its clients. For this reason, SpectroCoin is launching a Bug Bounty Program.


The program may also be named as a vulnerability rewards program - a crowdsourced bug hunting activity that rewards individuals for tracking, reporting, and helping to eliminate bugs in a website, product or service. Companies open their bug hunting seasons in order to secure their ecosystems from possible threats. A lawful bug hunt includes ethical actions and the non-disclosure of information to the black market or competitors.

Illustration: SpectroCoin has launched its Bug Bounty Program.

Our team is working towards preventing any vulnerability in the system, yet to guarantee the usage of the platform without a single possibility to find a bug is challenging. Therefore, we value your contribution in regards to improving our services. If you encounter a significant eligible bug, report it and receive a reward!

The benefits of SpectroCoin Bug Bounty

Every crypto user is looking for a secure, quick and operative digital currency exchange. Although a platform which holds all the features above looks ideal, the idea of excellence relies on the constant improvement of services and security. Therefore, increase the credibility of our system and receive your gain by helping us to locate a possible bug.

Safer environment

One of the priorities at SpectroCoin is to keep our users protected. An undiscovered vulnerability might enable unauthorized actions on the platform and put users at risk of losing valuable data and assets. In case you detect possible violations, prevent yourself and others from future attackers by reporting it.


SpectroCoin encourages you to notify our team about errors found on the platform. In accordance, we will reward each user who reports an eligible bug unknown to us. The reward depends on the severity of the reported vulnerabilities and varies from 100 USD to 10,000.00 USD.

Working as a team

SpectroCoin navigates through the cryptomarket by embracing the fundamental values of cooperation, trust, and leadership. We implement the bug report tool so that our users could make a positive impact on our system. We believe that working hand-in-hand with the community will result in the excellence of our digital currency exchange.

Read more about SpectroCoin bug bounty program and participate in the hunt!

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