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SpectroCoin Card Is Here: Your Link Between Bitcoin and Fiat Payments

November 14, 2019

We are proud to announce that SpectroCoin card is back! True to SpectroCoin’s mission to make cryptocurrency payments simple and part of your everyday life, our new cards make your digital assets withdrawable and spendable in millions of places across the world.

SpectroCoin is Introducing New Prepaid Cards

What SpectroCoin prepaid cards are all about

Debit cards have always been one of the most successful SpectroCoin products — we have issued over 65,000 debit cards to customers across the world since 2015 when we first launched our card solution.

Over the last 18 months, after our partners stopped offering payment cards, we have been focusing our efforts on bringing our popular card solution back by closely working with another card issuer to support us in providing the new prepaid cards. We are happy to have finally wrapped up our card integration into the SpectroCoin platform and present you with a fresh rebranded solution.

You can take advantage of our new SpectroCoin card in a number of ways:

#1 Pay globally

At SpectroCoin, we have combined cryptocurrencies and prepaid cards to give more spending power to your cryptos. While cryptocurrencies are getting increasingly popular, many big retailers are still hesitant to embrace the crypto revolution. Crypto owners have often been faced with the problem of being unable to use their cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in real life.

With our latest card solution, you will be able to convert your Bitcoin, Ether, DASH, XEM and other cryptocurrencies into Euros and pay globally for your purchases, regardless of whether the point of sale accepts cryptocurrency payments or not. Our cards are denominated in Euros so you can use it to pay for goods and services both online and offline just like with a regular bank card.

#2 Have access to cash wherever you go

With SpectroCoin card you can also withdraw money in local currencies at almost any ATM worldwide. Our new cards are powered by Visa, thus they can be used everywhere where Visa is accepted.

#3 Spend instantly

But it gets better! Our card services are not restricted by any “administrative hours” so you can load your card instantly and take advantage of your funds right away.

#4 Save time with contactless payments

We designed SpectroCoin card to make your everyday purchases faster and more convenient. It features a dual interface and supports both standard chip-and-pin and contactless payment methods so you can save time when paying in small amounts by skipping the pin code and simply tapping your card on the reader.

#5 Enjoy free transactions

With SpectroCoin new prepaid card you can enjoy free transactions when paying in EUR within the region. Additionally, we do not charge any “card load fees” so you can top up your card as many times as you need. Find the full list of SpectroCoin prepaid card fees and limits on our website.

Get a prepaid card starting today!

If you are a resident of one of the supported countries — good news! You can already get your hands on our new card. To help you out, we prepared a quick step-by-step guide explaining how to order and set it up.

Infographic with 5 steps on how to get SpectroCoin prepaid card

Step 1 - Verify your profile information.

As part of our compliance procedures, you will be asked to verify your account information including the phone number and address before ordering the card.

Step 2 - Get a prepaid card.

The cards can be ordered on our official website and will reach you in just ten working days.

Step 3 - Activate your card.

Once your card arrives, activate it from your SpectroCoin account. Security is important to us, and this quick extra step helps us confirm the card ownership and protect your account.

Step 4 - Load SpectroCoin card using your blockchain wallet.

Exchange over 30 supported digital currencies to Euros and load your card with a few clicks from your SpectroCoin blockchain wallet. This way, you will be able to avoid price volatility risk and get the most out of your cryptocurrencies.

Step 5 - Withdraw and spend your assets worldwide.

Once you are done setting your card up, you will be able to use your digital assets in more than 30 million ATMs and over 25 million stores across the world.

Supported countries

While we are actively working on being able to provide our card services to over a million of our clients globally, currently our cards are available to users within 30 countries in Europe:

Republic of Cyprus
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

We are thrilled to share our latest developments with you and would like to invite you to visit SpectroCoin and try out our new card solution!

If you have further questions regarding our cards or how to get a prepaid card at SpectroCoin, please check out our Help page, contact SpectroCoin support at [email protected] or via “Live Chat” option available on our website.

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