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SpectroCoin’s Year in Review

December 31, 2021

Don't you feel like 2021 has just flown by in the blink of an eye? We sure do! However, we managed to finish, continue and start all kinds of new projects at SpectroCoin. In SpectroCoin’s Year in Review: Expansion of offerings in 2021, we want to reflect on our proudest moments from the past year and ambitious plans for the upcoming one!

SpectroCoin’s Year in Review

Expansion of Offerings in 2021!

Supporting New Cryptocurrencies

SpectroCoin's brand name represents the spectrum of coins, thus expanding the spectrum of supported cryptocurrencies is always one of our main business priorities. In 2021 we ended up expanding our crypto portfolio quite significantly. In addition to already supported cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or Litecoin, we added over 25 new ones! Many of them were requested by our users, such as UMA, The Graph, Shiba Inu, Holo, Enjin Coin, Dogecoin, Decentraland. As a result, currently, we support 48 cryptocurrencies at SpectroCoin, meaning we introduced over half of our current portfolio during 2021! To check the complete list of supported cryptocurrencies, visit SpectroCoin.

More Payment Methods

In early 2021 we started supporting instant bank transfers within Europe i.e. SEPA (Single European Payment Area), thus depositing and withdrawing funds to and from your bank account within Europe is instant and takes seconds. Next, we enabled deposits and withdrawals for Great Britain Pound Sterlings via Faster Payments and CHAPS payment systems. We also worked on improving our unique feature - dedicated IBANs, making it easier to claim and having it support SEPA instant payments. Lastly, we added Pacific Private Bank for deposits and withdrawals as well as Advcash e-wallets. To see a list of available deposit and withdrawal methods head over to our website here.

More Currencies via Payment Gateway

We have also expanded the list of supported cryptocurrencies to be accepted by merchants using our crypto payment gateway solution. Now you can accept not only Bitcoin, Dash, but also Ethereum and stablecoins including Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and other ERC-20 tokens. More information regarding our merchant services can be found here.

Lower Interest Rates for Crypto Loans

For our SpectroCoin Loans project, we have lowered interest rates for crypto-backed loans, now you can take on and pay interests at rates lower than 5% per annum. This product is special in that it also offers flexible repayments as well as loans starting at only 25EUR and all the way up to 1 million EUR. Learn more about SpectroCoin Loans here.

SpectroCoin Pro

This particular service had so many changes it would be hard to count! One of the most significant changes for SpectroCoin Pro was its rebranding from the previously known SpectroCoin Exchange. Not long after, fiat pairs were launched on the service and loads of new crypto pairs were added. To improve the SpectroCoin trading platform, we also added Stop Loss Limit and Take Profit Limit orders as well as introduced market makers to increase the liquidity. The last big change was making the transfers between SpectroCoin and SpectroCoin Pro free and instant. If you want to know more about this service feel free to visit SpectroCoin Pro.

New Designs and Languages

Our design and translation teams have been keeping busy throughout the year as well! We updated our wallet and currency convert page designs to look more up to date and be easier to use! In terms of languages, as of writing, SpectroCoin.com is available in 16 languages. Of these, 5 have been added in 2021: Italian, Korean, Spanish, Polish and Latvian. Our focus is set on improving our platform design and accessibility for a better user experience.

Live Events

Unfortunately, 2020 was a year where most travels stopped, and no live events were taking place. However, by following all the safety measures required by host countries, we had the chance to attend several conferences including Crypto Valley Conference in Switzerland; SiGMA in Malta; iGB Live and Money 20/20 in the Netherlands; AIBC in the United Arab Emirates; iFX Expo in Cyprus and White Label World Expo in Germany, just to name a few of the conferences our team attended this year.

We even had a chance to continue hosting our Bitcoin Meetups, with an attendance that exceeded our expectations! Furthermore, our ecosystem brand Bankera organized the third Baltic AML forum this October, which took place in Vilnius, Lithuania.

During these events, we had a chance to promote our services to new clients and catch up with existing ones to expand SpectroCoin services. Live events are also a great opportunity to receive feedback from clients and the market in turn deepening our knowledge and becoming a better all-in-one crypto and payment platform.

For more information regarding the events we organize or attend we recommend following the updates on our social media platforms:

So, what will 2022 look like?

With the new year approaching, we are eager to start a new chapter in SpectroCoin's history. Firstly, our team will finish redesigning the SpectroCoin user experience. That will also include the integration of new SpectroCoin debit cards issued by our partner Bankera, which will not only offer a better user experience but also will enable us to introduce better rates and likely even cashback programs.

Staking (aka crypto deposits) is also coming to SpectroCoin next year, to complete our bespoke crypto-banking offering. Next, we will expand the selection of available cryptocurrencies on our platform. With these changes, we also want to improve our SpectroCoin App for Android and iOS for better access to our platform and expand the selection of languages in which SpectroCoin is available. Ongoing tasks such as adding new languages or improving our customer verification process are also in the pipeline. So stay tuned and be among the first ones to try new SpectroCoin features next year!

We hope this blog post was helpful. For more blogs be sure to head over to the SpectroCoin blog.

If you have any questions about SpectroCoin, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support. Do through the LiveChat available on our website or drop an email at [email protected]

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