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Withdraw, Trade and Accept Mask Token with SpectroCoin

April 14, 2023

SpectroCoin, a cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, debit card, and payment processing provider, is glad to announce it now supports the ability to withdraw, store, trade, spend and accept Mask Network Token (MASK)

Withdraw, trade and accept Mask Token

What is Mask Network?

Mask Network bridges popular Web2 platforms and Web3 features, enabling users to leverage secure encryption and privacy, fundraise directly from Twitter, safely store files on a decentralized platform, and create Web3 accounts via a browser extension. The company aims to empower social media users to control their content and have a seamless internet space. This way, dominating tech firms will influence users' experience less.

Mask Token is an Ethereum-based governance token, so its holders participate in MaskDAO, vote on key decisions for the DAO, and receive profits for contributing to the network's development. Mask Network coin was launched through an Initial Twitter Offering in February 2021, allowing any Twitter user to fund the network. It also fell under the company's funding round, causing the cryptocurrency to hit its all-time high price worth $97.92. As of 2023, the price fluctuates from $2 to $5.24.

Mask Token ranks 20th on the list of the best Web3 crypto coins by market capitalization, with a $216+M market cap and 68.2M circulating supply.

Mask Token on SpectroCoin

The SpectroCoin wallet supports the Mask token and allows storing, depositing, and withdrawing coins. A dedicated personal IBAN account easily connects to the fiat world without requiring extra actions or effort, and a debit crypto card allows for purchasing goods and services using cryptos worldwide.

Users can also use the "convert crypto" feature to instantly exchange Mask Tokens to fiat currencies and back, with multiple payment methods. The available payment methods depend on localization. Currently, we offer Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Perfect Money, Advcash, SEPA, Mobile top-ups, Amazon Gift Cards, and Voucher Codes.

Regarding e-commerce, businesses can accept crypto payments in Mask token via the SpectroCoin API by integrating it into e-commerce plugins and customizing its style. Studies show that end consumers are more likely to purchase on a website when multiple payment methods are available, so accepting crypto payments can increase performance.

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