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Buy and Sell Aptos Token (APT) at SpectroCoin

April 28, 2023

SpectroCoin is glad to announce it now supports the ability to buy and sell Aptos Token (APT)

Buy and Sell Aptos Token (APT)

What Is Aptos Token (APT)?

Aptos is a layer-1 blockchain built on the Move language, a Rust-based language created by Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

The layer-1 blockchain is a core for designing dApps and other layers using its infrastructure. The Move language is designed to employ safe and secured smart contracts so that no one can clon assets. Aptos blockchain allows developers to constantly evolve their dApps, implement creativity, and deliver end-user-friendly solutions while ensuring sustainability.

Aptos uses a Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) PoS consensus mechanism, which helps the network to operate when transactions fail, or there is high demand and perform high throughput successfully.

The mainnet launch was a highly anticipated event for blockchain investors. In March 2022, the company raised $200 million. In July 2022, it received $150 million; in September 2022, Binance Labs made a strategic investment worth $4 billion. The mainnet was launched in October 2022, making the first Move-based blockchain alive.

Aptos token (APT) is the native token of the Aptos Blockchain, with a total supply of 1 billion and over 171 million tokens in circulation. The tokenomics is built to empower the community, with 51.02% of the total supply allocated to token stakers, who can create and vote on proposals that minimize the cost of blockchain upgrades. The token hit its all-time high price in January 2023 at $19.9 and experienced its all-time low with the blockchain industry in December 2022 at $3.09. In the six months since the launch, the Aptos token has reached over $1.99 billion in market capitalization and is ranked 32 among all existing cryptocurrencies.

Aptos Token (APT) on SpectroCoin

Currently, we allow buying and selling the Aptos token in the web version and in the mobile app for EUR, USD, GBP, BTC, and all cryptocurrencies we support.

We launch the Aptos token on the SpectroCoin platform as an experimental coin, and if SpectroCoin clients have a high interest in the token, we will extend the APT support in response to the demand of our customers.

If you encounter any issues while buying or selling Aptos tokens, feel free to contact SpectroCoin support, which is available 24/7.

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