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SpectroCoin Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary!

March 28, 2023

SpectroCoin company celebrates its 10th anniversary! We are super excited about such an important date, so we want to share the whole story of how SpectroCoin has developed over the years. Let's go!

SpectroCoin, a crypto wallet and app, is 10 years

In the Very Beginning

In 2013, during the Bitcoin era when it was priced at around $100 and was already being used as a means of payment, three young and inspired entrepreneurs founded SpectroCoin company with a vision for the crypto market's future potential, anticipating the emergence of new cryptocurrencies and the widespread adoption of blockchain technology, and a mission to offer diverse financial solutions to both individuals and businesses over the long term.

So, we started immediately and enhanced new products and both vertical and horizontal growth. We entered the crypto market with the Bitcoin exchange launched in 2013 and then added merchant solutions to cater to individual and business clients. After creating a crypto wallet, we designed and distributed Mobile App on App Store and Google Play. And finally, we launched a crypto debit card linking digital assets directly with the real world.

By 2017, we had hit 500,000 customers worldwide, added Ethereum and Dash as new cryptocurrencies emerged, and continued contributing to full-scale, friendly, and instant crypto solutions.

What Was Next?

Since the beginning, SpectroCoin has been committed to delivering a comprehensive range of solutions, products, and cryptocurrencies, so we built an ecosystem with the opportunity to scale.

The main advantage for both private and business customers is our crypto debit cards and virtual IBANs. We issued the first cards in 2015 and introduced IBANs in 2017. Since then, we experienced a lot of card programs going bust and decided to gain sustainability through vertical growth. So we started issuing cards alongside Bankera and increased SpectroCoin cards' performance by providing the highest limits in the market, offering virtual cards, and combining fiat and digital currency benefits.

SpectroCoin is a licensed company that complies with EU regulations regarding anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing. Our clients are guarded by the law and security standards we support, so they should pass KYC to operate with SpectroCoin’s products. As customers value speed, we launched an auto-KYC solution to reduce KYC time and increase the capacity to onboard new clients.

Regarding the wide range of cryptocurrencies available, we are committed to customers' safety and a positive crypto experience. Therefore, we carefully select cryptocurrencies to launch and provide only trustworthy and valuable tokens showing successful payment and transaction undertaking by implementing them into the exchange, wallet, trading platform, crypto-backed loans, and merchant payment solution.

SpectroCoin Now

More than 1,200,000 crypto users utilize SpectroCoin worldwide. To get to this point, we have released the SpectroCoin site in 8 languages, started supporting over 50 cryptocurrencies, and gathered over 200 crypto believers in the SpectroCoin Team.

Furthermore, in the crypto market, we provide the most advantageous conditions for our crypto cards, offering up to 99 virtual and five plastic cards, transaction limits of up to 25,000 EUR, and ATM withdrawal limits of up to 2,500 EUR, all without any monthly or issuance fees. By expanding the card limits, we have considered our customers' needs and have increased their ability to spend cryptocurrencies.

We plan to implement Apple Pay and Google Pay options into SpectroCoin cards, providing our customers with convenient and secure payments. Additionally, we will be launching a cashback program to reward loyal SpectroCoin users.

With attention to safety, convenience, and transparency, SpectroCoin remains supportive, instant, and constantly evolving.

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